This captivating city is not just about its iconic landmarks, it’s also about the experience of staying in places that reflect the city’s unique spirit and character. For travellers seeking more than just a place to sleep, boutique hotels offer an intimate, personalised experience that captures the essence of Madrid’s charm and sophistication. What truly sets boutique hotels apart in Madrid is their ability to blend luxury with local flavour. Guests can expect to find rooms adorned with local art, enjoy gourmet meals crafted from the freshest local ingredients, and receive insider tips from staff who are genuinely passionate about their city. These hotels often serve as a gateway to explore the hidden gems of Madrid, offering curated experiences that might include private tours of historical sites, exclusive access to cultural events, or personalised dining recommendations. Here’s our choice of boutique hotels in Madrid.

5* Barcelo Torre de Madrid

A landmark in itself, the Barcelo Torre de Madrid is situated in one of the tallest buildings in the city and is a fusion of modernness and Spanish tradition. Its unique interior design by Jaime Hayón, combines bold, eclectic decor with contemporary comforts. Guests are treated to luxurious rooms with stunning city views, a rooftop pool and terrace, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, and an in-house restaurant serving delectable Spanish cuisine.

4* Ocean Drive Madrid

This hotel captures the essence of Madrid’s dynamic nightlife and artistic flair. Known for its stylish, minimalist design, it offers a personalised experience with a trendy edge. Guests can enjoy a rooftop bar and terrace with panoramic views, contemporary rooms equipped with smart technology, exclusive access to local events and nightlife, and fine dining options with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

5* CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha

For those who love a mix of history and modern luxury, CoolRooms Palacio de Atocha is the perfect pick. Housed in a 19th-century palace, this boutique hotel blends historical elegance with contemporary sophistication. Spacious suites with high ceilings and elegant decor await guests, along with a courtyard featuring a garden and pool, a gourmet restaurant offering a refined culinary experience, and personalised concierge services to explore the city.

5* URSO Hotel & Spa

Nestled between Madrid’s trendy neighbourhoods, URSO Hotel & Spa is a haven of tranquillity and elegance. This boutique hotel is celebrated for its classic charm and modern comforts, making it a favourite among discerning travellers. Guests can indulge in the luxurious spa offering a range of treatments, beautifully designed rooms and suites, a fitness centre and indoor pool, and an in-house restaurant serving locally sourced dishes.

4* TOTEM Madrid

TOTEM Madrid is where modern sophistication meets urban cool. Located in the upscale Salamanca district, this boutique hotel is perfect for those who appreciate contemporary design and a vibrant atmosphere. The chic rooms come with modern amenities and stylish decor, while the cocktail bar and restaurant offer a trendy dining experience. Additionally, guests can take advantage of the fitness centre and the hotel’s proximity to high-end shopping and cultural attractions.

5* The Principal Madrid

If looking for elegance with a touch of grandeur, The Principal Madrid is the place to go. This hotel offers a luxurious retreat with stunning views over Gran Vía, Madrid’s most famous street. The rooftop terrace with a bar and lounge is a highlight, along with elegant rooms furnished with plush furnishings. The gourmet restaurant with a creative menu and personalised service ensures every need is catered to.

5* Gran Hotel Ingles

Steeped in history, Gran Hotel Ingles is one of Madrid’s oldest luxury hotels, now revamped as a boutique gem. It perfectly combines Belle Époque charm with contemporary comforts. Guests can stay in opulent rooms with a classic, yet modern touch, and enjoy the sophisticated cocktail bar and fine dining restaurant. The hotel’s central location provides easy access to major attractions.

5* Rosewood Villa Magna

Rosewood Villa Magna epitomises refined luxury in the heart of Madrid. Offering an exclusive experience with its elegant design and impeccable service, guests here will find lavish rooms and suites with bespoke furnishings, world-class dining options including a Michelin-starred restaurant, extensive wellness facilities such as a spa and fitness centre, and beautiful gardens and terraces for relaxation.