Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the use of Stuba’s booking services and apply to all clients registered under a User Name on the Stuba website. By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions, as well as any additional terms provided during the booking process. Furthermore, you confirm that you have the authority to enter into and abide by these terms.

By providing your email address, you grant Stuba permission to contact you using the provided email address and any other email addresses associated with your business. Throughout these terms, references to “us” and “our” pertain to Stuba, while references to “you” and “your” pertain to the client. The term “guest” refers to the end customer. The term “arrangements” refers to the hotels and transfers available for booking on our website at www.stuba.com.

If any provision of these terms is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, it will still be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law, and all other provisions will remain in effect.

It is important to carefully review these terms as they outline our respective rights and obligations.

These terms are organized as follows:

Section A: Terms for booking arrangements with a hotel partner on your behalf.

  • Part 1: Hotel Terms and Conditions

Section B: Terms authorizing you to make sales of those arrangements.


We act solely as an agent when booking arrangements on your behalf. Your contractual relationship for all arrangements lies with the respective hotel partner. By making a booking through us, you enter into a contract with the relevant hotel partner(s) associated with the arrangements. Your booking is subject to these terms and conditions, as well as the specific booking conditions provided by the hotel partner(s). We advise you to thoroughly review both sets of terms before making a booking, as the hotel partner’s terms and conditions may limit or exclude their liability to you.

Part 1 – Hotel Terms and Conditions

Multiple Room Bookings:

You can make bookings for up to a maximum of 5 rooms or 9 guests. While we facilitate multiple-room bookings, it is important to be aware that we do not offer group rates. Consequently, bookings made for multiple rooms, whether in a single booking or across multiple bookings, may be categorized as group bookings by the hotels.

Prior to confirming a multiple room booking, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen hotel accepts these bookings, particularly for same-sex groups or stag and hen parties. We strongly recommend selecting refundable conditions for such bookings. We will need to verify the hotel partners’ acceptance of the bookings before proceeding. Depending on the hotel’s policies, these bookings may be subject to cancellation or may require higher deposits and special terms.

For individual bookings intended to be part of a larger group, regardless of how the other rooms are booked, it is essential to inform us in advance for the aforementioned reasons. We cannot assume responsibility for individual bookings made by you with the intention of accommodating a group. Similarly, any complaints related to an individual booking that has not been identified as part of a group will be treated separately, and we cannot guarantee that the resolution provided will apply to all bookings within the group.

If a booking is rejected by the hotel upon arrival, we cannot be held accountable for any charges incurred due to the cancellation. In such cases, upon request, we will credit your account or provide a refund in accordance with the applicable cancellation terms.

Rooming List:

For hotel bookings, it is crucial to include the names of each guest and their respective titles during the booking process. We cannot be held responsible for any bookings cancelled by hotels due to insufficient information provided at the time of booking.


Specific booking conditions or specific information for certain hotels are known as errata’s and displayed on our website as “essential information.” This information is an integral part of your contract with us, and you cannot confirm a booking on our website without agreeing to these conditions. The essential information will also be included in our vouchers.


Upon confirmation of your booking, an automated confirmation email with your Unique Booking Reference is sent to the registered email addresses. Should there be any further updates regarding your booking this will be sent to the same email address unless advised otherwise. This email serves as confirmation that your booking has been accepted, and you are bound by the specific conditions of the booking, in addition to these terms and conditions. It is crucial to review your confirmation document carefully and promptly report any inaccuracies or omissions to us. We assume no responsibility for errors in documentation, except when such errors are made by us while processing the booking.

In the event your booking fails, an error message will be displayed, and no automated confirmation email will be issued. Please follow the instructions provided in the error message and contact us by phone to verify that no booking has been made.

Rejected Bookings:

In certain cases, bookings that have been confirmed may be rejected due to various reasons. These reasons include the use of a false name, provision of incorrect nationality, booking made by clients from countries subject to sanctions, duplication of bookings as determined by our hotel partners, individual bookings as part of a larger group, bookings for same-sex groups such as stag or hen parties, payment subjected to a credit card chargeback or funds recall from the payment gateway, bookings made for minors, or any other valid reasons.

If a booking is rejected prior to the scheduled arrival, we will either credit the amount to your account or provide a refund in accordance with the applicable cancellation terms. However, if a booking is rejected upon arrival at the hotel due to any of the aforementioned reasons, we cannot be held responsible for any charges or expenses resulting from the cancellation.

Website Accuracy:

We have taken utmost care to ensure the accuracy and currency of the information displayed on our websites. However, we rely on the information provided to us by our hotel partners, and they may make changes without prior notice. Consequently, photographs, lists of hotel amenities, general product descriptions, and other descriptive material on our websites may contain inaccuracies.


The price of your confirmed arrangements includes all taxes, except for resort fees and city taxes, which are imposed by the hotel.

Unless you inform us at the time of booking about the specific nationality and residency of the guests, the prices shown are based on the same nationality and residency as your registered office. If the guest is a resident of the country in which the hotel is booked, please use their country of residence instead of nationality. For example, if you are booking a hotel in Dubai, UAE, for a British national residing in Dubai, UAE, please indicate the United Arab Emirates as the nationality (instead of United Kingdom) to obtain rates applicable to local residents.

Hotels may charge additional fees for guests who are nationals or residents of the destination being visited. These charges are beyond our control, and we cannot be held liable for such supplements. Any additional charges must be paid by the guest directly to the hotel at the destination.

Pricing Errors:

Despite our best efforts, occasional pricing errors may occur on our website. We reserve the right to correct any pricing errors at any time. If we discover a pricing error on a confirmed booking, we will take appropriate action to rectify the error. You will have the opportunity to reconfirm the booking at the correct cost, or alternatively, the booking can be cancelled, and a full refund will be issued. We are not obligated to honour pricing errors, particularly when an obvious error has been made.

Cancellation Policy Errors:

Furthermore, errors in our cancellation policy may occur. We reserve the right to correct any errors in the cancellation policy at any time. If we discover an error in the cancellation policy of a confirmed booking, we will take the necessary measures to rectify the error. You will have the opportunity to reconfirm the booking with the correct cancellation policy, or alternatively, the booking can be cancelled, and a full refund will be issued.

Special Requests:

If you have any special requests, please include them at the time of booking. These requests will be forwarded to the hotel along with your booking details during the confirmation process. In case you want to add a special request to a confirmed booking, please use the online form available in the “Manage Bookings” section on the stuba.com website. Kindly ensure that you provide at least 48 hours’ notice before the check-in time. While we will make every effort to communicate your requests to our hotel partners, we cannot guarantee that they will be fulfilled, and we will not be held liable if they are not.

Specific Booking Requirements:

If you have any specific requirements for your booking, such as the need for an accessible room, an adapted transfer vehicle, or any other special feature like a low-floor room or a refrigerator, it is crucial to follow the instructions below to ensure that your requirements are met:

  • Check if the hotel you are interested in offers the specific features you need (e.g. adapted room).
  • Verify the availability of the specific requirement (e.g. adapted room) during your requested dates with the hotel.
  • Make the booking under refundable conditions (especially if it is a fundamental part of the stay).
  • Complete the online form in the “Manage Bookings” section on our website. If the required specific requirement is not listed, please add it as ‘Other’ ensuring you detail the specific requirement you need to be confirmed in the text box provided. Our team will verify and confirm this requirement with the hotel and send you a written confirmation via email.

Please allow up to 7 calendar days to process your special booking requirement. If the hotel cannot confirm the request, we will notify you by email. If there is an option to pay an additional charge in order to confirm your special booking requirement this will be provided.  However, if this is not an option or you do not wish to pay the additional charge, then you will need to cancel the booking before cancellation charges apply by visiting our website or contacting us via email to request cancellation.

Please note that if a special feature is not provided and we were not given the opportunity to arrange it in advance, or if it was added to a booking on a request-only basis, we cannot accept responsibility.

Resort Fees, City Taxes, Deposits:

Resort fees are mandatory charges imposed by hotels to cover the cost of certain amenities and must be paid directly at the hotel. While resort fees are typically charged at hotels in the USA and Canada, hotels in other locations may also apply this charge.

City taxes are compulsory charges imposed by local councils and must be paid upon arrival at the hotel. City taxes are collected in many European destinations, UAE, Malaysia, Jordan, and other locations. While we strive to inform you of the estimated cost of resort fees and/or city taxes whenever possible, we cannot be held responsible if you were not notified of these additional charges at a specific hotel in advance. Furthermore, the cost of local charges can vary, and we cannot be held liable for any discrepancies.

Hotels may require government-issued photo identification and a credit card, debit card, or cash deposit at check-in for incidental charges.

Please note that resort fees, city taxes, and incidental charges are beyond our control and cannot be prepaid. Unless stated otherwise, resort fees and city taxes are not included in the room rate displayed on our website.

Hotel Ratings and Standards:

The ratings provided for hotels are supplied by our hotel partners. They are intended to give you an idea of the services and facilities you can expect during your stay. However, ratings and standards may vary between countries and hotel partners, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any given ratings.

Bed Configuration:

The bed configuration for hotels booked through our services cannot be guaranteed. It’s important to note that the terms “single,” “double,” “triple,” and “quad” refers to the number of adults the room can accommodate, rather than the number of beds available.

In certain countries, such as Asia and the UAE, it is customary for adults, children, and infants to share existing bedding, and additional bedding may not be provided.

Please be aware that cots, if available, may be provided upon request only and may incur an additional charge. Extra bedding in hotels typically comes in the form of a ‘rollaway bed’ or sofa bed, and there may be supplementary fees for such arrangements.

For any specific bedding requirements to be addressed, it is crucial that you follow the steps as listed in the above clause entitled Specific Booking Requirements.

Board Basis:

The term “all-inclusive” generally means that a minimum of three meals a day and local drinks are included. However, please note that provisions may be provided at specific times of the day, and certain speciality brands and restaurants, such as à la carte dining, may not be included.

Half board (HB) includes breakfast and a main meal, usually breakfast and dinner. The option to switch between dinner and lunch depends on the hotel’s policy and should be confirmed before arrival.

Bed & Breakfast (B&B) and Continental Breakfast (CB) include breakfast only. Self-Catering (SC) or Room Only (RO) options do not include any meals.

Some hotels and resorts may hold special gala dinners, which may have mandatory supplements and dress codes. If there are any specific requirements or additional charges related to gala dinners, we will inform you through an errata message prior to booking. However, in some cases, this information may only become available closer to the arrival date.

Hotel changes by us:

Hotel changes may occur with respect to your hotel booking and can be classified as minor or major changes. Minor changes may include the withdrawal of In-Resort services and amenities, as well as adjusted operating hours for hotel bars, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. Such modifications can result from factors like adverse weather conditions, low demand, or the occurrence of religious ceremonies, local festivals, or government events. It is important to note that circumstances beyond our control may prevent us or our hotel partners from providing the exact arrangements as originally described. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for such situations. For detailed information, we kindly refer you to ‘Circumstances Beyond Our Control’ in our booking conditions.

Furthermore, unless there is a significant change to your booking, we may not receive advance notification. A significant hotel change refers to a substantial modification made to a confirmed hotel booking. This alteration may involve changes in the hotel property, location, room type, or any other crucial aspect of the booking that deviates from the originally agreed arrangement.

Significant hotel changes can occur due to various reasons, including unforeseen circumstances, hotel overbooking, renovations, or operational and/or destination issues. In the event of such changes, we will make every effort to provide you with suitable alternative options. These options may include a reduced rate at the original hotel or an alternative hotel in the same area with the same official rating, at no additional cost. If such alternatives are not feasible, we may offer a lower-rated hotel at a reduced rate or provide a full refund for the room.

In case significant changes are made prior to your arrival, we will promptly inform you and discuss the available alternatives.

If In-Resort, in the unlikely event that your booking may be relocated to another hotel in the same area. The alternative hotel will have the same official rating as the original hotel. If you are dissatisfied with the alternative offered, we kindly request that you report your concerns to the hotel staff or contact us immediately using the emergency telephone number provided on your hotel voucher. We will make every effort to address the situation. However, please note that we cannot consider compensation if you have been relocated to an equivalently rated hotel or if we have not had the opportunity to resolve any complaints locally.

It is important to note that in the event of a relocation situation affecting multiple individual bookings that have not been pre-linked, we cannot guarantee that all bookings will be relocated to the same alternative. Each case will be assessed individually. Furthermore, the relocation arrangements are intended only for the number of rooms and guests confirmed with us in the original hotel booking.

Changes by You:

Depending on the specific terms of your booking, you may have the option to make changes to your confirmed arrangements. We recommend first searching for the amended booking and, upon receiving the email confirmation, cancelling the original booking. This ensures access to all available rates and provides instant confirmation. If the amended booking is not available or is priced higher, please contact us by using the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section on stuba.com, and we will endeavour to help you.

Amendments should be requested at least 72 hours before the check-in date. Please note that amendments may be subject to the booking conditions of the hotel partners, who may charge an amendment fee along with any cost increases. We will inform you in advance about any extra charges and restrictions that apply. Whilst we endeavour to accommodate all amendment requests, we cannot guarantee that they will be met.

Changes and Cancellations in the Event of Insolvency:

If a hotel partner becomes insolvent before the check-in date of a booking, we will make every effort to reconfirm the booking at the same hotel with another partner or offer a similar hotel nearby. If these options are not feasible, a full refund for the hotel booking will be provided. For guests already in the resort at the time of insolvency, we will attempt to manage the situation locally.

Lost or Damaged Luggage:

We cannot be held responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged during transfers or hotel stays. It is crucial to purchase sufficient insurance coverage in advance. If any items are lost or damaged, please report the incident to the hotel staff and local authorities immediately.

Cancellations by You:

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must do so via our website using the “Manage Bookings” section. Cancellations can only be accepted in accordance with the terms and conditions of your arrangements. The cancellation charges will be the same as the ones you accepted before confirming the booking, and they will be displayed on the booking confirmation. When cancelling via the website prior to the check-in date, you will be shown the applicable cancellation charges before confirming the cancellation.

In the rare event that you are unable to cancel online, please raise a cancellation request via the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section on our website. You will be informed of any charges before the cancellation is processed. The cancellation request will be considered effective from the date you receive a written confirmation of cancellation from us.

Cancellations cannot be made on or after the day of check-in and will be marked as no show where 100% cancellation charges will apply.

Non-Refundable Booking:

When making a booking, you may have the choice to opt for a non-refundable room, typically available at a reduced rate but with no flexibility. Non-refundable terms in hotels typically refer to the conditions under which a booking cannot be refunded or modified. These terms vary depending on the hotel and its specific conditions. Prior to confirming a non-refundable booking, we strongly advise you to carefully review all information provided as it will be relevant to your booking. During the booking process, you will be required to acknowledge and accept that the full charges for your stay will be applied at the time of booking. It is important to note;

  • if you cancel your non-refundable booking, you do not qualify for a refund.
  • If you need to modify your booking, and the hotel permits amendments, an amendment fee may be applicable in addition to the adjusted rate. However, if the hotel declines the modification request, the only available option would be to cancel the original booking. accepting 100% charges and make a new reservation at the prevailing rate. Please be aware that in such cases, no refund will be provided for the cancelled booking.
  • If the guest(s) are a no show, a refund will not be provided.

Please be aware that waivers for non-refundable bookings are not accepted, except for exceptional circumstances. In such cases, it is necessary to provide supporting evidence for validation purposes.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control:

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these conditions, we regret that we cannot accept liability when we are unable to fulfil our contract or if the performance of our obligations is affected by events beyond our control, known as ‘Force Majeure.’ This includes events that we or our hotel partners, even with all due care, could not foresee or avoid, such as pandemics, war, terrorist activities, riots, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, fire, civil disturbances, government actions, industrial disputes, national emergencies, or permanent hotel closures. While we cannot provide compensation when our obligations are affected by Force Majeure, we will refund any unused portions of a booking if recoverable costs exist locally.


We will collect payment for bookings according to the agreed-upon payment terms. Failure to make full payment in accordance with the commercial terms or agreement may result in the cancellation of your bookings, and you will be responsible for any cancellation charges. Unless stated otherwise in your commercial terms or agreement, a contract for the supply of services will not be established until we receive full payment. Refunds will be made upon request, and any credit remaining in your account can be applied to future unpaid bookings. Agreed-upon refunds will be processed through the original mode of payment. We regret that we cannot accept payments by cheque. Bank details can be accessed through your login on the booking platform. In exceptional cases where the payer does not have access to the booking platform login details, we will share the details in a password-protected PDF file via email. Please ensure a call back is made to the registered Stuba number to confirm these details. Stuba cannot be held responsible for payments made to incorrect bank accounts.

Fraudulent Bookings:

If you discover a fraudulent transaction for a confirmed booking with us, we strongly advise you to report your concerns to the local authorities. While we will make every effort to assist by requesting a refund of any cancellation charges associated with a fraudulent booking, we cannot accept responsibility for the payment of any fraudulent transactions.


Our hotel partners reserve the right to immediately terminate services if a guest’s actions cause damage to the hotel, violate health and safety regulations, or disrupt the experiences of others. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of any individual named on a booking or otherwise, nor can we be liable for any costs incurred as a result of service termination. As local laws may differ in other countries and alcohol consumption may be restricted in certain areas, we recommend that guests familiarize themselves with local customs before travelling.


Any issues encountered during the stay should be promptly reported to the hotel staff. If they fail to resolve the matter, it is essential to notify us via the telephone number displayed on our hotel voucher. We will make every effort to assist and resolve concerns in a timely manner. Please note that failure to report In-Resort issues to us and/or the hotel staff may invalidate any claims made upon return.

Complaints made after the check-out date must be submitted via the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section of our website within 28 days of the guest’s check-out date from the hotel. We will coordinate with our hotel partners and aim to respond to post-travel complaints within 28 days. If any refund or compensation is due, it will be shown as a credit on your account unless you request a refund. The commission will be recalculated based on the reduced costs, which may result in a lower commission payment. We will not cover any difference in the amounts.

To conduct thorough investigations and prevent potential delays with In-Resort issues or post-check-out complaints, Stuba requires a written complaint detailing the issues encountered, guest expectations, and supporting evidence such as photographs, video footage, and copies of receipts, invoices, or bank statements (with any personal information obscured) if guests have incurred unexpected local charges or out-of-pocket expenses.

If, at any stage of our investigations, it becomes clear that a fraudulent claim has been submitted to claim compensation or for other purposes, we will take necessary action to recover any payments already issued. Additionally, we reserve the right to reject any future bookings and escalate the matter to local authorities.

Part 2 – Transfer Terms and Conditions

Transfer Booking:

A transfer booking can only be added to an existing hotel booking. These terms and conditions outline the policies and responsibilities related to transfers for both guests and authorized clients selling the arrangements. It is important to carefully review and understand these terms before making a transfer booking or acting as an agent to sell transfers.


Upon confirmation of the transfer service, an automated confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address. Your transfer has been successfully confirmed and you are obligated to comply with the specific conditions of the transfer service, as well as these terms and conditions. It is crucial that you carefully review your confirmation document and promptly notify us of any inaccuracies or missing information. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for errors in documentation, except in cases where the error is attributable to our own oversight.

When making a booking, it is crucial to provide all the necessary information accurately to ensure that the transfers are scheduled correctly. This includes providing flight details and the guest’s mobile number The guest’s mobile number will be used by the local transfer provider to confirm the booked transfers up to 48 hours before the scheduled flight arrival time. The confirmation will include the pick-up location and time. In case the local transfer provider is unable to locate the guests at the pre-arranged time and location, they may contact the guest using the provided mobile number.

Vehicle Types:

Unless a specific vehicle type has been explicitly booked, the transfer will be provided using any vehicle that complies with local transportation laws and adheres to the maximum capacity allowed for that particular vehicle type.

For “speedy” and shared shuttle transfers, carriage will be limited to destinations that are registered properties with the Tourist Board, unless specifically agreed with us in advance. “Speedy” shuttle services will stop at a maximum of 4 stops before dropping the client at the specified location (not including their own stop). Passengers utilizing speedy shuttle services may share the same vehicle with other passengers availing of shared transfers.

Private transfer services are intended for direct transportation from the designated pickup point to the final drop off point specified in the booking. If additional stops are requested, a local charge may be applicable, and the guest is responsible for paying this fee directly to the transfer provider at the time-of-service provision.

Child Pricing:

For shuttle services, children under the age of two can travel free of charge when sitting on an adult’s lap. Children aged two and above must have a separate seat booked.

For private services, all children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle, regardless of their age. Please include them in the total number of guests when making the booking.

Child Seats:

In certain destinations, such as the European Union, local authorities require children to use appropriate child seats until they reach 12 years of age or a height of 135 cm. Our transfer partners will make every effort to provide child seats upon request. It is your responsibility to ensure that all guests are aware of the local guidelines when travelling with children.

Accessible Transfers:

If any member of your group has a condition or disability that may affect their use of standard services or requires a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, you can make a booking and inform us of their personal requirements through the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section on stuba.com. Please allow up to 7 calendar days for us to confirm the suitability of the chosen service and arrange the appropriate vehicle.

Special Requests:

If you have any special requests for your transfer, please notify us at least 48 hours prior to the service start date through the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section of stuba.com. Please be aware that additional charges may apply to fulfil your request and availability will be confirmed locally unless otherwise confirmed in writing by us in advance.

Changes by us:

We will inform you as soon as reasonably possible of any corrections, amendments, or essential information regarding your transfer service.

Changes by You:

All transfers are fully refundable until 4 days before arrival. However, some transfers do not allow the option of amendments which will be clear at time of booking. In this case, the only option is to cancel and rebook. If the transfer is within 4 days, no changes, cancellation or refunds can be given.

Any changes to your transfer booking should be requested at least 4 days before the service start date through the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section of stuba.com. Changes are subject to the booking conditions of the transfer partner, including amendment fees and potential cost increases. Changing the destination will require cancelling the original booking and creating a new one, which may result in cancellation charges. If the amendment leads to a price increase, the difference must be paid.

Cancellation by You:

To cancel a transfer booking, please use the online help form in the “Manage Bookings” section of stuba.com. Cancellations are subject to the booking conditions of the transfer partner, including any applicable cancellation fees. The refund policy depends on the specific cancellation policy of the transfer partner booked at the time of booking. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the precise details of cancellation charges. If the booking is not cancelled using the online web form in the “Manage Bookings” section of stuba.com and is cancelled less than 4 days before travel, you will be responsible for the full value of the booking.

Cancellation by Us:

We reserve the right to cancel the reservation up to 4 days before travel if we do not receive adequate information regarding the pick-up time, location, or destination. In such cases, we will refund 75% of the booking price.

We also reserve the right to cancel a transfer reservation up to 4 days before travel if the transfer partner is unable to provide the booked services. In such cases, we will refund 100% of the booking price.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations:

If you require collection from an address different from the drop-off location specified on your voucher for return services, please contact the transfer partner directly using the provided contact number on the voucher. This will allow you to arrange the return pick-up. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any failed transfers that have not been reconfirmed in advance.

In certain destinations, drivers may be unable to drop guests at their desired destination and may instead drop them off or pick them up at a central point within a reasonable walking distance. Please be aware that pick-up and drop-off times may be affected by unforeseen circumstances such as roadworks, weather conditions, and traffic. Rest assured that the vehicle will stop at the nearest accessible point to the specified arrival or destination location stated in the booking.

Delays and Failed Transfers:

While the transfer partner will make every effort to provide services punctually, we cannot guarantee exact arrival or departure times. If you encounter any difficulty in locating the driver, please use the emergency telephone number provided on your transfer voucher. In the event of a transfer not turning up, please obtain an official receipt for any alternative transport expenses incurred. Our liability for transfer failures is limited to the locally incurred costs. Failure to contact the transfer provider for assistance in locating the driver may affect your claims.

In situations where transportation involves collection from an airport, port, or train station and the arrival is delayed by more than 45 minutes, the transfer provider will make reasonable efforts to wait for the guest. However, the availability of services cannot be guaranteed under these circumstances. We recommend contacting the transfer provider using the telephone number provided on the transfer voucher. While our transfer partners will strive to accommodate changes caused by delays, it may not always be feasible to wait, and guests may need to make alternative travel arrangements at their own expense. If a transfer partner can accommodate the new arrival time an additional charge may be applied.
Transfer times are approximate and may vary due to traffic and the number of stops made enroute. During peak times, shared shuttle services may experience longer journey times.

To avoid any service failure, please ensure that you have the appropriate transfer voucher with you at all times. Furthermore, please ensure you provide the guest’s mobile number at time of booking so that the local transfer provider can contact them should it be necessary.

Baggage Allowance and Declaration:

It is obligatory to label all baggage with the owner’s name and destination address. Our transfer partners will make reasonable efforts to accommodate each guest’s baggage. Each guest is entitled to carry a maximum of two items of baggage: one suitcase with dimensions not exceeding 90cm x 75cm and one piece of hand luggage with dimensions not exceeding 56cm x 45cm. Carrying baggage that exceeds these measurements is subject to space availability and may be declined. The transfer partner reserves the right to provide guidance if the booked vehicle cannot accommodate the specified baggage allowance. In such cases, you may be required to upgrade the vehicle type or cancel the reservation. If you need to transport excess baggage or special items such as skis, golf clubs, bicycles, snowboards, wheelchairs/scooters, please notify us at least 4 days prior to the service start date. Additional charges may apply.

Lost or Damaged Luggage:

We cannot be held responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged during transfers or hotel stays. It is crucial to purchase sufficient insurance coverage in advance. If any items are lost or damaged, please report the incident to the hotel/transfer staff and local authorities immediately.

Refusal of Carriage:

The transfer provider, including its drivers and appointed local staff, reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person who is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, or whose behaviour poses a threat to the driver, vehicle, or other guests. No refunds will be provided in such circumstances. Guests are strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol or smoking in the vehicles used for the services.


All vehicles provided by the transfer partners are fully insured for guests and third-party claims as required by local law. However, it is important to note that guests’ baggage is transported at their own risk, and the transfer partner cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal belongings.

Force Majeure:

Force Majeure refers to unforeseen events beyond our or the transfer partner’s reasonable control that may impede or delay the fulfilment of obligations outlined in these terms and conditions. Examples of such events include accidents causing delays, severe weather conditions, compliance with police requests, vandalism, terrorism, traffic delays, industrial action, concerns regarding guest safety, road closures, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics, war, fire, explosion, terrorist attacks, or riots.

In the event of a Force Majeure Event resulting in a delay or cancellation of the booked services, neither we nor the transfer partner will be liable for refunding or providing compensation.


We will liaise with our transfer partners and endeavour to respond within 14 business days.


Your Responsibility:

We grant you authorization to act as our non-exclusive agent for selling or providing arrangements (Agency Sales).

Regarding Sub-Agency Sales, you agree to:

  • Incorporate our booking conditions and the applicable hotel and transfer partner’s booking conditions into any contractual agreement for arrangements before confirming the booking.
  • Create and send contractual documentation that clearly states the contract for arrangements is between the buyer and the hotel/transfer partner.
  • Not represent to consumers that their arrangements will be protected by any means of financial protection for their advance payments and repatriation.
  • Apply the cancellation and amendment policy outlined in our booking conditions and the hotel and transfer partner’s booking conditions to any cancellation or amendment requested by buyers of the arrangements.
  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and data protection legislation that impact your activities.

Provide accurate and complete descriptions of arrangements and avoid making inconsistent representations, whether verbally or in writing.