At Stuba, we want to help our agents secure the sale quickly and efficiently. Our new curated hotels will help you with just that, plus, you’ll find you’re a travel expert in destinations that you may not be overly familiar with. Trust us, your customers will love it as much as you do. Watch our webinar with Anna Hawkins, one of our Business Development Managers. Anna will run you through all the tips and tricks to securing that all important sale. If you want to skip to the main points, then we’ve given you some timelines below.

Subject Minutes
Login 1.12
Retail Interface 1.55
Agent Information 2.20
Search 3.05
Curated hotel explanation / filters 4.15
Map View 7.32
Share Quote 9.05
Room Category 10.40
Book 12.32
Manage Bookings 13.40
HCN 13.42
Bank Details 14.00
Add/Cancel hotels 14.30
Special Requests 15.20
Modify Requests 15.40